Friday, June 26, 2015

Toy Review: Kabuto /Cars (Mattel)

On a trip to Walmart we were in the toy section with the Cars and oddly enough it was the same Walmart where I had first got Dragon McQueen and saw all of the Cars from "Tokyo Mater" except for Mater.  I had been thinking about buying the set back then but didn't, and so when I saw Kabuto I thought that he was actually from the "Tokyo Mater" set but he's not.    As it turns out he's just a cool looking car that happens to have a Japanese sounding name.    So when I showed my son he immediately wanted him to the point where he opened him when we got in the car and he spent the rest of the day with us.

Kabuto is only the second car from Disney's Cars that we have and I am not quite sure of his origins exactly.   Granted the other one we have is Todd and I'm not sure if he is in either movie or not, but I am still due to watch the original again and when I do I'll be sure to look for both of these characters now.     In some ways I feel like Disney and Mattel could come together and just start making Cars which look appealing yet have nothing to do with either movie and people (Like me) would buy them.  

We actually bought Kabuto in between Sarge and Fillmore, but it is funny that Sarge and Fillmore have their place in Radiator Springs and so far all of our Cars do except for Dragon McQueen, Finn McMissile (who is from the sequel) and then Todd, who could just as easily live there and not offend anyone because, hey, people need pizza.   If we ever get Ramone and Flo and have that whole shop set up going on in Radiator Springs I'd probably just have Kabuto live near that, but it is a lot of fun having these Cars that don't quite seem to fit into Radiator Springs and yet I can still manage to get them in there somehow.

If I'm not mistaken (And I probably am because, again, I need to watch the movie again) I think Kabuto is in the highway scene which is what causes Mack to lose Lightning McQueen in the first one, with DJ and all them, but I'm not 100% certain of that and will only really know upon further watching the first movie and then eventually maybe the second one again as well.   Still, a great looking Car my son loves and obviously fun for those who don't even know of his place in the movies.

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