Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Great Grandpa "Can Opener" (Broken World Media)

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When you are trying to review music which is unlike any music you've heard before it can be difficult and for me, because of the various styles I tend to listen to, I feel like I get these "How do you describe this?" releases more often than not and maybe even more often than other people in general.   Admittedly, I do listen to a lot of weird music.    So this is a five song EP from Great Grandpa that is available on cassette from Broken World Media.    At certain times the vocals and music together can give you that overall vibe of Speedy Ortiz, but it's not exactly like them and that's not taking anything away from either band because I love them both.  (A Speedy Ortiz/Great Grandpa tour would be cramazing)

There are starts and stops through heavy chords and on the surface this is catchy as it seems to have these sort of pop hooks but underneath it just seems much more layered and deeper so as not to feel as simplistic as how you might imagine a pop song.     Elements of Stone Temple Pilots come, there are moments of grinding, heavy sludge and, yes, it is rather lyrical in the sense that you'll want to listen to these words and carve certain lines into your flesh.     On "Ram" a bit of Metric comes out and by the last song I can pick up hints of Weezer (as in "Undone (The Sweater Song)", but otherwise it's not so easy to compare this with anyone or pin down the genre this should be in.

It's not even really easy for me to describe the music as it's not straight verse/chorus/verse and yet it isn't even standard playing.   It feels like math rock or skramz perhaps, but it doesn't even have those same basics buried underneath it all.    I just feel like every other band up until this point in time has reached a fork in the road and chosen to go right.   When Great Grandpa met that fork they were the one band who chose to go left.    It's the only way which I can really think of this music and describe it because it is just so unique and amazing.   You have to hear this.

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