Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MP3 Review: Watermark High "For Good EP"

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If you are not a fan of Watermark High you need to do yourself the favor of going through this site and reading the various reviews and the interview so you can be as easily won over as I was (Heck, there's even a video posted up there somewhere)     These are five new tracks from Watermark High which combine beats and 8bit sounds, sampled vocals and electronic melodies.   It's a bit of instrumental hip hop, triumphant and yet also just full of steady beats.     I never really used to consider myself to be a fan of electronic music because I always thought of it as sounding like Moby but if you dig deep enough you'll find some good stuff (Or just read this site and we'll find it for you)

The titular track has those tones that make me think of that hip hop song about keepin' their heads ringin' but it adds so much more to it that I can't even begin to explain.   It's just something that is as easy to experience on a dance floor somewhere as it is via the bump in your trunk.   There are tones like old phones and it just has an easy on the ears vibe to it that you cannot deny.    For as long as I've been listening to Watermark High now (and it seems like I really began my journey with them when I started Raised by Gypsies) I have been in love with this music and if you haven't found the love too I just want you to know that it's not too late.

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