Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jay "Los Colegas no te Olvidan" | LP (Discos Humeantes)

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When listening to Jay it's hard to describe their sound.    It's fairly heavy but has those STP swirls.   There are elements of punk and screams so it makes me think of Electric Eel Shock but could just as easily come out with some heavy thrash like Fear Before The March of Flames.    When not as heavy it can become just as rambunctious as something such as On The Might Of Princes as there are guitar hook loops, big chorus and it's just all around noisy in the best possible way.   It is a mixture of one of the heavier bands from Equal Vision Records back in the day (The aforementioned FBTMOF works still) and one of their more melodic ones with that edge such as Fairweather.    Wasn't the singer from Fairweather named Jay or am I just thinking that because of this?

This is also fairly music heavy because even though there are vocals which can be sung or screamed- as I think of a cross between Gogol Bordello and Gatsbys American Dream at times- the music just comes out more and the musical portions tend to take on a life of their own without the words there.    And it's not just when the horns come in and can seemingly act as the vocals-- this album just has a life of its own with the words and without them just as easily.    This is something so diverse and original that I can only imagine myself playing it for a very long time to come and perhaps only truly coming to appreciate it and know what it is all about in the forthcoming years.

Discos Humeantes has this set for a physical release in the near future and I'm not one to say, "This is vinyl I must have", but in this case when the email comes to me that this is out on record (I'm pretty sure it's coming out as a 12" for some reason) and as I feel like Panty Pantera will be out around the same time on 12" record I'm likely going to put down the money and buy them both because I just like this so much.   And, yes, my wife might think I'm crazy when I tell her my plans to buy vinyl but these are some special albums right here.

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