Friday, December 5, 2014

MP3 Review: Queen Buzz "Treehouse Sessions"

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These are two new songs from Queen Buzz, and I got an email about them being posted so I naturally had to listen to them.    They are called "demos" on the Bandcamp page which is strange to me because they are of high quality and don't sound like what that term implies at all yet also Queen Buzz has a full length out there so it seems strange to think of these as being a demonstration of what this band is capable of doing when we heard that before.

A combination of The Replacements/Soul Asylum and something modern such as Forgive Durden, this is just a rocking band with elements of fuzz and distortion that make you think back to when grunge was kind of fading away and really it's just a sound best captured by the movie "Losers Take All".   It's one of my favorite sounds and as such these as two songs you need to hear.

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