Friday, December 5, 2014

MP3 Review: Gunwaif "LATENT IMAGE / DRONE"

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It has been quite a while since I heard Gunwaif, mostly because I was listening to their songs and then seemingly fell out of touch with them.   Only through an email from Bandcamp was I informed of this release and so I kind of decided that I had to hear it and as such I am back.  

From what I can remember, this was a collective of musicians in some ways and as such the first song on this has vocals that really sound like Polly Scattergood.   Like, they sound like her so much I had to look it up to see if it is really her.   It doesn't appear to be (In the second song it sounds less like her), but it's never a bad thing to sound like one of my favorite all around musicians, now is it?

The first song is this sort of synthpop that has some 8bit loops and beats going on while the second has more of an acoustic jungle feel.   It's the banging on hollow trees or Phil Collins that comes to life here (Along with some other strange background vocals)

Upon looking it up, I found that the first Gunwaif song is the only song that I have so far reviewed by them.    They have another single and then a two track single that is a song with an original and instrumental version of it on their Bandcamp but there might be more outside of that, on their Soundcloud perhaps so I need to look into that as well.   I know I will at least spend some time listening to the two releases in between I missed that are on the Bandcamp page.

I want to say that I find it hard to believe that Gunwaif only has these select few songs, really just a handful, but I'm kind of more surprised that no one has released this music physically yet.    At least with these two songs specifically someone could have made this into a sort of cassingle and it would have been awesome.   So let me proclaim this:  I will catch up with reviewing all of these Gunwaif songs and hope someone out there sees fit to give Guinwaif a cassette release.

"I'm not trying to treat you nicely / I'm not trying to make you like me"

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