Friday, December 5, 2014

MP3 Review: Peacock Affect "The Heaven Smiles / Wallflower" single

In some ways, these songs remind me of Cloud Nothings though I am not quite sure why.   They have powerful vocals and electric guitar notes that are pleasing on the ears.    Well, I mean, in some ways the best way to describe this single release (As it is being billed as a single with a b-side type of deal only in digital format) is by what happened after I first heard it.

This was sent to me by a publicist and my initial reaction to hearing these songs was to inquire as to whether or not there would be more coming, in the sense of "Is this a prelude to an EP or LP" type of deal.    The fact that I wanted more songs after hearing these, enough to the point that I sent an email about it, speaks for miles.

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