Friday, December 5, 2014

MP3 Review: Ian McKinney "All Skate!"

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With the name of this being what it is, I could expect it to be nearly any number of things from the versatile and multitalented mind of Ian McKinney but I was either expecting it to be something that someone might skate to in the 1980's or perhaps the music of that time as found in its movie and on television.   It is more like the soundtrack side of things, particularly like that show that used to be hosted by Matthew Lillard.

As much as I enjoy the 1980's synth sound of this mixed with something that could be out of a Nintendo game soundtrack it makes me somewhat sad because it represents a time when skateboarding was a lot better because it was before it all had to be extreme.   It also reminds me of the movie "Gleaming the Cube" and that makes me sad because the movie has Christian Slater AND the guy from the Aquabats in it yet somehow can't find a decent DVD release.

I used to watch that movie every chance I got in my youth, when it was on either Starz or Showtime, and now I really wish I had taken the time to record it onto VHS and hang onto that VHS because I know that I would have.   Oh well, I'll still put this on and let my son ride his skateboard.

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