Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MP3 Review: No_Body "Cloud Kachina"

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When this album begins it has some interesting sounds to it and throughout the journey it takes you on quite a wild ride.     Perhaps what I hear first is the guitar rattling of an old western classic and this does somehow bring out those "Wanted Dead or Alive" elements of Bon Jovi as well but only in the slightest of ways.

Just when you begin to think about "Django" though, No_Body mixes things up and brings out this sound that can only be known to those of us who have been lost in the woods with only our spirit guide to help us home.    From here, robotic insects come which I assume means we either made it out of the woods okay or are being eaten after death.    There is this weird talking, as it sounds somewhat robotic but then I also think it could be Gollum because I keep waiting for him to say "my precious".   Is this perhaps one of the weirdos who is here to guide me through the afterlife?

As it gets quieter, like vapors, it then transforms into spoken word bits which are also manipulated in a deeper voice than I feel most people have and I'm only left to believe that this is the work of the devil.    Skipping "Knight Rider" whirrs and harsh lasers come out as well and I'm beginning to feel like I'm on a bad trip.   (The drug induced kind, not the movie "Boat Trip" kind)

Through demonic barking (More devil stuff), clicking and synth that comes through only in waves I am confidently state that "Cloud Kachina" feels like it will take you on a trip to Hell and back.   Ahhh, but the only question is when you come back how much of you will have been left there?

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