Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MP3 Review: The Editor "Br⊕ken" (Dream Catalogue)


So far the only review I have written for The Editor is for the cassette "Editorials" on Illuminated Paths.   It's kind of funny though because I've been listening to music digitally from The Editor since before I got the cassette and as such it seems like a pattern I can't quite get myself out of for whatever reason.   I'll listen to an album of music a few times over, get ready to review it and then get side tracked by something else.   I'll always just come so close to reviewing another piece of music by The Editor and I just never do.   All the while, new music is coming out and it's piling up for me now like case loads on the desk of a lazy/bad cop.

I decided to start with "Br⊕ken" because it was the one I had been listening to the longest.    While I feel certain elements in here of vaporwave (hence the Illuminated Paths thing earlier), I have to admit that this does combine that overall electronic sound with that of hip hop.    There are straight up dance beats, soulful singing and yes even spoken words to the point that they could be rapping.

I'm not sure how you combine hip hop with electro, though as both are beats based it does work, but this is what The Editor does and without flaw.     Even though vaporwave is a genre of itself and comes with certain expectations, I feel like the music of The Editor lives in its own genre and could be included in vaporwave to make things overall easier but at the end of the day I usually expect to hear just fast beats and The Editor does take the time to slow things down and it becomes rather chill.
I don't care what you call this really because it's a mix of various elements that I enjoy and when they all come together whether it be in successive songs or the same song it just works.

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