Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MP3 Review: Forrest "Beyond The Withered Hills" (I, Absentee)

[$6.99 Digital // $16.99 Vinyl // Edition of 250 //]

"Beyond The Withered Hills" is not my first time hearing Forrest, as this music has been presented to me once before from I, Absentee in the form of a compact disc.   Well, now Forrest has returned with a record of five songs and I'm never really sure what type of music best fits on vinyl so I never really thought about it when listening to "Senescence".   As I hear it now on this album and listen to "Senescence" again I do feel like Forrest fits rather nicely on vinyl.

The music of Forrest continues to combine the ambient drone feel of being lost in the woods with the overall FNL vibe which is something not quite the same as being in the woods at all.   There are kind of ringing of bells or perhaps glasses being played ala Jay Peele, but it's just a whole lot of atmosphere which is best described as ambient because this music doesn't so much go to your ears as it paints you a picture.

Through moments of despair come drawn out bells and just a feeling that cannot be explained with mere words.  It's not something you can see.   It's not something you can hear.   It's just something you have to feel.   Close your eyes and let it embrace the fiber of your very being.

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