Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MP3 Review: The Boy I Used To Be "Friday Morning EP"

[£4.99 // Edition of 100 //]

Whenever I write my reviews now, I go to the Bandcamp page (Since that's where I find most music) and pull out the essential stats you find listed in the brackets above.   I used to just link to Bandcamp or wherever but now I do the price and edition as well (if applicable)   So when I requested a copy of this EP to review on cassette the reply I got was "We're almost out, but I can send you a digital copy instead".   So I went for it.   I don't generally do digital, but I said yes because why the heck not.

So as I'm putting together my little brackets above I can't help but notice that as I'm writing this review there are only two copies of this cassette left.   Two.   Out of one hundred.   I don't know what The Boy I Used To Be is doing for marketing, but everyone who puts out cassettes should inquire as to their secret.

As I'm listening to this EP, particularly the second song, I can hear something along the lines of the song "Veronica" coming out.   I think it sounds like Elvis Costello for other reasons, but for some reason my mind says, "Nah, that song isn't by Costello too".   So I google the song and find out that, duh, it is also by Elvis Costello.    But don't get me wrong, this doesn't sound entirely like Mr. Costello, no matter how cool he is.

There are some walking guitar riffs, in that sort of almost dark sense and they remind me of every supposed great rock band that I've ever heard of as being "the next big thing" and then when I heard them I began wondering why I was listening to them to begin with only, you know, this is actually good.   (Yeah, that last comment might have been directed at a band like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but they know what they did)

A song like "Change My Ways" goes into this pure rock sound that's almost pop but not quite.  I want to say it sounds like Spoon, but it really doesn't that much.   Most of these songs really don't sound that much like any other band but it's just a nice, refreshing sort of clean rock sound that I've missed, possibly because I've never heard it before.

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