Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: The TV People “Tour Bus Tragedy”

            When this cassette begins, it is distorted electronic fuzz that falls somewhere between the darkness of Nine Inch Nails and the energy of The White Stripes.   There are several audio clips (or more likely one per side) and as this cassettes progresses the drum machine takes over and we turn more to the electro side of things.

            Some synth gets slowed down, even on the first side, and the drum machine begins to clap to the rhythm.   By the second side there is a beeping noise that can only remind me of an alarm clock.     It is definitely interesting to hear this turn be taken, but it does happen gradually which helps it to feel that much more natural. 

            In many ways, no, I wasn’t expecting it.   I thought vocals might kick in and we could hear something more along the lines of Dana Fowler And The.   But when it does finally take that turn and you realize there will not be vocals and this is more electronic than rock (Though it does still rock), you can look back and see how it made sense to go that way all along.

            “Tour Bus Tragedy” is sold out as a cassette, so unless if you track it down second hand you won’t be able to buy this and hear it the way that it was meant to be heard, but digital files are not a bad consolation prize by any means.

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