Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Remember the Radio “Super Cassette 2014”

            Just looking at this cassette- before listening to it- you have to be aware you are in for the long haul, as it clearly states it is ninety minutes and twenty five songs.   This would be a bad thing if this wasn’t so rocking to listen to, but when you get it going you find yourself not wanting the rock to stop.

            Even though I was a product of the 1980’s and I often compare music of the new wave genre to that decade, I did spend most of my youth listening to rock music such as this on the radio, so, yes, I do in fact remember the radio and this cassette is a great reminder of it as well.

            The music itself falls somewhere between Nirvana and Weezer, between Green Day and The Clash.   It can have heavier parts like Black Sabbath or a heavier sounding Kansas, and it can be just as lo-fi and indie as something such as The Replacements.

            Those are all bands that I first listened to on cassette, yet somehow there are a few other bands that come out that I only have ever heard on CD and for brief periods at that it would seem.   One of those bands- the better known of the two- would be Sprung Monkey, who had a heavier side to their music when not trying to be surf rock pop (And Remember the Radio isn’t really trying to copy Sublime at all here).    The other would be the lesser known Purple Bosco, who if you have never heard before perhaps this is your chance to track them down and give them a listen.

            Regardless of how you paint the picture, Remember the Radio just flat out rocks.   When I was in my formidable years listening to music, this is what I wanted to hear above all else (and hip hop, based on my cassette collection)   It is a shame that so many good rock bands these days head toward vinyl (Remember the Radio does have two records under their belts, though one is sold out) and more of them don’t embrace cassettes.  

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