Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Afternoon Nap “Afternoon Nap” (High School Romance Records)

            The first thing that caught me off guard about this cassette was that Side A was listed as “13:00” and Side B as “14:00”.  Initially, I thought that was their length and that the songs were perhaps untitled, but then when I looked at the cassette itself I didn’t feel like there was enough tape inside for the cassette to be fifteen minutes per side.  

            Listening to it proved my suspicions right, though I don’t sit by with a stopwatch so it was the Bandcamp link which taught me that those are in fact the song titles and each side is around five minutes in length. 

            The resulting two songs pack a lot in.   There are audio clips, piano keys and at times there even are pieces that sound like they were pulled out of an elevator soundtrack.   Though instrumental, the piano based portions sometimes remind me of Huey Lewis, and he’s about the only comparison I can pull out of here.

            These are more like little songs within the songs, but for five minutes each you’ll never get bored.   It’s along the lines of seapunk and chillwave, though sometimes even those artists just loop the same thing over and over for twenty minutes or more and it can get boring.    Afternoon Nap never really has that chance to get boring.

            I used to take a lot of afternoon naps to sort of break up the day and divide it into pieces of what I would and when.   It is in that same way that these two songs are divided into pieces (As  I had two days within a day, the pre and post nap time periods) only they never take a break, which is good because I tend to sleep too much.

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