Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Consumer “rB>C” (SadoDaMascus Records)

            I’ve been listening to music all of my life.  I went to my first concert (of choice) at age thirteen.   I began writing about music in 1999, so since then the plethora of artists and sounds that have come through these ears can compare with only a few others.   Others have said it before, and maybe even I have, but in all of my years, I have never quite heard anything like Consumer before.

            It’s very strange.  I try not to use the word “very”, but this strangeness level needs the exemplifier.   There are electro loops and some sort of vocal sounds I don’t think are actual words to begin Side A.   It’s somewhat 8bit, but not really even 8bit.   I like to call parts of this synth errors, which probably only makes sense when you actually experience them yourself.  There is rapping along the lines of the Bloodhound Gang and skips try to keep the pace with random synth bombs being dropped. 

            Side B isn’t any less weird.   It begins with an audio clip about presidential fitness, in terms of what the president thinks our country should set their standards for regarding health and fitness.  (Go to Walmart; we’re failing)  Then they also talk about baseball trading cards for some reason, and I like that part because I still like baseball cards.   There is this weird thrash sort of yelling that is kind of like something I’ve heard before but just completely not.   Oh yeah, and I can hear some manipulated audio that sounds like Gangam Style. 

            As hard as I find it to place this, it is weird and so am I so naturally I am drawn to it.  I will admit right off it’s not going to be for everyone—there is no commercial appeal to this or pop matter, but that’s fine because that can be said of almost everything I listen to (or at least a good majority of it)   For originality, this gets 1000 points out of 10.   As to whether or not you’re going to enjoy the experience is really up to you to decide.   I enjoy it, and I feel the least you should do is try it.  

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