Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Joshua Carpenter “Full Flight” (Potluck Foundation)

            Is it wrong that I felt like I was going to enjoy this cassette before I listened to it because a) He shares my first name and b) it looks like an old school cassette layout with the artwork?   Okay, on one hand though, Burger Records does release a large number of cassettes with the throwback look and I’m not at all biased upon them (I dislike most of them), so oh well.

            You know what one thing that strikes me right off about this cassette is though?  He has a line in one of his songs that goes “And you will give a holiday my name”.   If this means “National Joshua Day”, count me in!  I’m actually starting a Joshua Club, for those of us named Joshua and are of a certain age because when I was growing up no one shared my name and now there’s a bunch of kids running around with it.

            From The Beatles to Bob Dylan, to songs about never being able to be clean.   From Ben Kweller to Bryce Avery, there is also some twee and “Walking On a Wire” era Get Up Kids.     He brings out a harmonica at one point as well, and there is just this overall cross between pop and something funky like Buddy Holly.

            At its core, “Full Flight” can best be heard as a pop rock cassette (And don’t get me started on Tom Petty cassettes again) and pop rock is such a broad genre that I don’t like saying it, but if you’re wondering whether or not this will appeal to you odds are that it will.  

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