Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: V V A S E “unobject” (popnihil)

            When this begins on Side A, there is a definitive sound of air drone with this drum machine beat that comes out every so often.   This seems to carry us entirely through the first side, though I am lead to believe that there are two separate songs here.

            Side B brings out more whirring and synth drone, but this time around the two songs are more distinctly split.    This is something overall that you just really need to appreciate atmospheric music and especially drone at its core to like because it could just feel like three parts of the same thing.

            I’ve never really thought of drone as having a more commercial side in the sense that “You should listen to ______ if you want to hear drone that’s easy to understand”, but yes, this is the drone which is more difficult to understand and less accessible in ways.   Sure, all drone is considered that on some level, but this seems to be for the hardcore drone fans.

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