Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Jay Peele “Singing Bowls” (popnihil)

            Perhaps the most revealing part of this cassette is its title, as it does give away the fact that these songs were created with the help of bowls which, well, sound like they are singing.   This takes away from the illusion of me not really knowing what’s going on (Hearing sounds, but not knowing how they are being made), but whatever.

            Side A begins with some drone hum and some light sounds of breaking.   It has this dinging or ringing quality after that, which sounds like bells, but overall when you hear these noises you obviously know they are being made by bowls and it makes complete sense.   There is this ringing that goes in and out and Jay Peele certainly has mastered orchestrating the sound of bowls.

            Side B is a bit quieter, as it begins with a very quiet hum and never really approaches the same decibel level as Side B.   This sets the pace for it to be a bit more minimal and ambient in sound, as it can also be relaxing and peaceful.   Regardless, these two movements split by the cassette are best heard on this medium and are very unique and not what you might expect from bowls.  

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