Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: BDEE “To Be Chillwave or Not to Be Chillwave, That is the Question”

                This was on Bandcamp obviously when I downloaded it, but then it got taken down for whatever reason.   I could still search Google and find the dead link for it, and then it did come back for a little while, but now it’s back down again and I can’t even find it through Google other than as a mention on Facebook.

                So should this ever return or you want to do a file swap, this is probably best described as chillwave.  It’s Hendrix meets Joy Division only trippy.  There are bass lines for days and the agony of Morrissey.   It’s got some qualities of Garbage to it musically and could even be featured on The Crow soundtrack from back when.   It might be lo-fi, but it’s certainly not glo-fi.

                Illegal Wiretaps come out on some of the songs, as does The Consolation Project.   There is some funk to it, and it could also share a stage with Tokyo Police Club.    Somehow some synthwave and even The Replacements manage to slip in here.

                To answer the question, yes, be chillwave, as you are obviously good at it.  

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