Friday, April 18, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Klangschwester “Sisterella” (Emerald and Doreen Records)

            Klangschwester is a female fronted band (Though it might just be one woman) full of electro beats that can sometimes go instrumental.  They are somethingwave (that is my new technical term for them, deal with it) and have really nice beatz.  They remind me of something like Ladytron, but also the soul of Corrine Bailey Rae.  On some level, this also has the grit of someone like PJ Harvey and I really do enjoy that immensely as well.

            On the other hand, there are also some pretty good and somewhat catchy lyrics in these songs.  One of my favorite lines is “If you were close to me, would you recognize me?”   These just on the whole some solid songs with no real fault to them and you should be enjoying them at maximum volume.  

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