Friday, April 18, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sisyphus “Sisyphus” (Joyful Noise Recordings)

            When I saw this album was being released on cassette I knew that I had to have it.   When I saw that it was a bright and shiny golden cassette, I bought it without hesitation.   Yes, make your cassettes bright shiny gold and I will buy them every time.  (Unless your music sucks, then no one will buy them) 

            Also, it didn’t help matters that this is an edition of something crazy like 250 and when I first found out about it—as a freaking pre-order—this very cassette was on the verge of selling out.   Yes, another example of me getting my bid in right before the buzzer and had I been a few hours later I might not have received this fine tape in the mail several weeks after the album officially came out.

            Look, I don’t care it took seemingly so long for this cassette to come in the mail after the album came out because this was one of those guilty pleasures where I knew that I was going to like this music and I knew it was going to sound optimal on cassette, so I bought the cassette.

            What’s funny is, this reminds me a lot (especially when played on cassette) of some of the New Kids on the Block tapes I had in my youth only, you know, they’ll swear on this one.  It’s like when Donnie Wahlberg used to break it down for a rap session and I’m twelve years old again.

            You can’t buy this cassette.  You can get this as a download, probably as a CD, but the record is probably sold out as well.  This is mostly just a bragging post, not so much a review.  

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