Friday, April 18, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Eleanor Dunlop EP

            Listening to the sultry songs on Eleanor Dunlop would perhaps bring to mind the typical comparisons I like to drop every time I listen to something that you could call “along these lines”, but the thing is that Eleanor Dunlop isn’t really along those lines and has quite a style all her own, borrowed from influences that I don’t get to hear as much as I’d like to these days.

            While Fleetwood Mac is on my go-to list for comparisons (I blame the musicians for all loving Fleetwood Mac), I can only remember a handful of times throwing out a PJ Harvey nod.  But this piano and beautiful voice also- for the first time that I can remember- brings out elements of Fiona Apple.  Wow, I know Fiona Apple recently made that album with the really long title, but I don’t think I’ve ever compared anyone to her before.

            The most remarkable feat here is that not only does Eleanor Dunlop trade such interesting styles I’m not used to referencing, the fact is that she blends them all so seamlessly and that just makes me feel like she truly knows what she is doing and she just does it oh so well.  

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