Monday, February 3, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Jeremy Jay "Abandoned Apartments" (K Records)

            Knowing the history of K Records (and their participation in Cassette Store Day last year) the first thing I did upon hearing this release was check the K Records website to see if it was available as a cassette.  I could not find it, but if anyone can find it on a cassette do drop me a line.

            The fact that I want to hear this on cassette tells you immediately that it is going to be great.  It’s new wave, it’s The Illegal Wiretaps at times and most of all it has the bravado of John Lennon and the desire to craft the music that made The Police a staple in what has become known simply as music.

            As a combination of existing sounds (some modern, some not so much) and having its own touch to it as well, “Abandoned Apartments” is a pure work of art.  

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