Friday, February 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: PARASOL “I Close My Eyes to See You Again”

                Only too recently, I finally posted a review of the Parasol tape that I so much enjoyed, and then when browsing Band Camp I see this release and think “Oh, hey, new music by Parasol.  Awesome!”    As it turns out, this is not the same Parasol as I have reviewed the cassette by previously.   That Parasol is from Massachusetts, this one is not.  And if you search for Parasol on Band Camp, there are apparently a few others.

                This begins as FNL, the instrumental post rock if you will, but it quickly turns into dream pop.  The female and male vocals take turns between songs and it definitely reminds me of Savage Sister or something I fell in love with (or would fall in love with) because of When the Sun Hits.

                The last song becomes almost new wave, but before that I did manage to get a nod of approval of this album from Gina, so it must be somewhat good.  Yeah, I don’t know how I feel exactly about having two bands with the same name in my playlist but it will make things interesting.  Since I did hear the Massachusetts one first though, this one will now be known to me as the other Parasol.  

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