Friday, February 21, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: We Are the In Crowd "Weird Kids" (Hopeless)

             We Are the In Crowd are a fairly interesting pop punk band and that might only be because of their copycat qualities.   Some of your typical pop comes out in here, such as The Rocket Summer and Blink 182, but the deeper you get into the music the more direct rip-off it can become.

            At first, I’m thinking No Doubt.  There are also hints of Pink in here as well.  But then I realize that this is more or less a clone of Paramore.  It’s as if someone said, “Hey, Paramore has lots of fans, let’s put out a record that sounds like them”.   Useless I.D. weeps for you, Hopeless Records.

            The biggest problem that I have with this album is perhaps more of a compliment though.  In a world where Paramore didn’t exist, this would be a decent album but the singer has got a great voice and is really the only redeeming part of these songs.

            So it does kind of sadden me in ways that she would align herself with music that sounded like this, because if she had her vocals accompanying music that didn’t make it sound like the band was ripping off Paramore then it could be quite good.

            In fact, given the proper backing music she could escape all comparisons to Paramore and be able to shine in her own light, which is something I feel that every musician should want to do.   Perhaps future releases from We Are the In Crowd will be better, and steer off the path that they are on, but in this day and age of pop music I am not hopeful.  (No pun intended on the label name)

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