Monday, February 24, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Oxykitten “Escape from New Amsterdam” (Field Hymns)

                This album starts with beats and screaming synth.  It goes into that level of sound that you would find on an instrumental hip hop album, so Keyboard Kid comes to mind.  I hear “Gin & Juice” era Snoop Dogg rhythms coming out, alongside what could possibly be Cake.

                Then the 8bit kicks in.   Mario eats the coins.  Mario falls down the holes.   And this stays pretty 8bit for a while, even when it becomes a triumphant sounding synth.    But at one point I hear the foghorns of the boats on the docks of the bays.

                We shift gears to something like “Lowrider” or The Addams Family, I’m not sure.  Spellcheck doesn’t try to correct me, but I’m pretty sure “Addams Family” was weird and only had one “d” or something. 

                The sixth song has a nice Stormtrooper march quality to it, and “Dick Ray” has a really nice rhythm, which is something I never imagined myself typing under any circumstances.   From Knight Rider to the end on an 8bit piano sound, this album is just a lot of fun and a new twist on some classic 8bit fused hip hop.  

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