Monday, February 24, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Black Unicorn “Traced Landscapes” (Field Hymns)

                Unicorns are typically thought of as being white, so I do appreciate that we are trying to change that perception especially because one could ask- philosophically- why can’t a unicorn be black in the same manner one might have asked years ago why can’t a professional baseball player be black?  #jackierobinson

                Throughout this album I can hear the 8bit noises, but it also has a sort of slower, mellower ambient sound in it, as it almost becomes quiet at times.  It opens with the pipes of a church organ, which is cool, and it’s drone.

                Then the carousel ride begins, and we’re off to the races.  There are some older arcade game sounds coming out in here, such as Pole Position.  I haven’t thought about Pole Position literally in years, but this song brought it out in me.

                Funny story, when I was a kid we used to go to my grandparents all the time and we’d play my uncle’s Nintendo.  We’d always play this racing game that I don’t recall the name of (Sorry) but one day I saw it come up in a Google search, as I was looking for a way to play Atari games online for free.  It was that rush of nostalgia coming over me that is just a feeling you cannot buy.

                I felt that on here with Pole Position being withdrawn from my memory bank, if only because I played a version of Pole Position as a board game at that same house with those same family members and it was better times.   Youth, innocence and all of that.

                In the end, to show you how much this either evolves or just becomes different, I can hear the sounds of the Sega Genesis coming through.    Was Sega better than Nintendo?  I don’t know, but the competition made both companies better and it’s why they’re still so profitable. 

                So you carry on, Black Unicorn.  Take us to your Playstation 12 and Wii65000.  Or just stay in the 24 bits and less days and I won’t complain a peep. 

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