Monday, February 24, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Mattress “Fuck the Future” (Field Hymns)

                For the first song on this Mattress album, I can hear vocals coming out in a somewhat strange way that makes me think of something between Xiu Xiu and Illegal Wiretaps.   But as the album progresses, the hints of “A Secret I Can’t Decode” shift over to what I believe to be a modern version of The Doors. 

                I just imagine The Doors getting together, forming a band and putting out music in the 21st century and it sounding almost exactly like this.   That’s not at all a jab- because I love The Doors and think that they’d have a sort of updated style if formed now and not all those years ago.   So this is just kind of how that updated sound might present itself and I’m digging it.

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