Wednesday, February 12, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Housewives “Housewives” (Faux Discx)

                First impressions are everything.  First impressions can be a cruel bitch.   Luckily for me, I have a forgiving/bored side and decided to give this a second chance. 

                On the first song, within minutes, there is a line that kind of bothers me and it almost made me turn this album off right from that point.  It says “I’m a hit with the ladies / I’m racist when it’s funny”.   I will refrain from delving into the social aspects of racist humor (i.e. is it or is it not acceptable) but just the fact of the first half kind of made me queasy. 

                I went back another time and decided to overlook that part, which got me into other songs which ended up not striking such a gag chord with me.   This has hints of punk rock like Sex Pistols, The Clash and Living End.  It also channels something like Cloud Nothings, which is just amazing.

                There is a blister of guitars, but I’m not entirely certain what that means.  It is also The B-52’s on some levels.   Oh, and it may or may not be an indie type version of Primus. 

                If I was writing a simplified version of this band, a generic sort of twist, I’d call them an interesting take on experimental indie rock, at its roots, with a punk twist.   Luckily I get to blab on and on for as long as I want.  

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  1. Hi Joshua. I'm afraid you have misunderstood the lyrics from the aforementioned song, "Poppy". Those lines do not represent those of the songwriters' own position, but are instead intended to describe an attitude which is found in particular racial discourses which have been normalised in some aspects of British society. Those lines are are in fact attacking the notion that one can carry out a superficial act of, say, wearing a poppy, in order to disguise a latent and more sinister and inherently racist attitude. Regards