Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Random Forest “Random Forest”

               Late last year, The Echelon Effect released the first of two albums that go together called “Atlantic”.   I’ve been listening to it and awaiting the other half before writing a review because, well, you wouldn’t buy just one shoe, would you?   But as we patiently wait, The Echelon Effect have released a sort of side project called Random Forest.

                These are four songs that cross the line between ambient and post rock, having piano and FNL qualities as well.   It can also kick in pretty heavy during some of the songs and I do enjoy that rocking aspect of any music.

                Essentially, when I hear music described to me as being “instrumental post rock”, I typically tend to have an idea like this in my mind as to what it will sound like, though most of the time it ends up sounding much worse.   This is just superb and bands/labels need to take note.  (That means you, Deep Elm!)

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