Thursday, January 9, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Fiesta Minor “Time Spent Breathing”

                A common misperception amongst music people is that hardcore music went away.  In reality, it never did, it just got really bad for a fairly long stretch of years.   Recently though, it’s been slowly crawling out of its grave and living up to the roots forged by bands that were on Victory back before whateverthefuck The Bunny The Bear might be.

                Part Meraki/Toska, part Gas Up Yr Hearse!, Fiesta Minor is an exceptional band that really should be heard by all.  They also can sound like a more structured version of Kane Hodder, which says a lot since Kane Hodder had no real song structure (And I loved them so much)

                My only complaint with Fiesta Minor is their name.  Fiesta is a store that sells food I like in Houston, so no problem there, but having an f-word before the word “Minor” makes me think of Fort Minor, which is that Linkin Park side project and, well, Linkin Park doesn’t really need a side project.  

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