Thursday, January 9, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: The Blog That Celebrates Itself presents “A Tribute To Cocteau Twins”

                If you don’t know who The Cocteau Twins are, you really shouldn’t be reading this review and should instead be looking into listening to their music because, you know, they’re The Cocteau Twins. 

                Is a tribute album for The Cocteau Twins as awesome as it sounds on paper?  Yes, yes it is.

                We know going into this that the songs themselves will be great, but just look at the roster of bands collected for this.   From RBG favorites Screen Vinyl Image, Suzy Blu and [aftersun] to ShiShi and Bela Infanta, this really pulls no punches when it comes to the level of talent in the songs being covered and who is doing the covering.  

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