Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Elaine Rasnake “Vowels at 120”

                This four song EP is my introduction to Elaine Rasnake, and a quick check on Band Camp reveals three prior songs (a single and then a double), but wow was I blown away by this.  It’s mostly instrumental music that comes up somewhere between Austra or Kimbra, then also has these sounds of bottle blowing and of course beats.

                Musically, this is a charm, but what’s more so than that is this being a concept album.  The songs are titled after the sounds they make, and the sounds that are made during the songs are patterned after the vowels and, well, obviously the title of the album has the word vowels in it.

                There are very few qualifications that I have for good music in this day and age, as I used to want a drum beat I could dance to or vocals I could sing along with, etc.   Now two of my biggest qualifiers for great music include that it sounds good on cassette and would be appropriate for children.

                Even if in a listening way and not translating into a learning way, I imagine that this would be very good on the ears of children.  In that regard, I picture Ms. Rasnake as a teacher, which is kind of cool.   I also would 100% buy this were it to be released as a cassette tape and that pretty much just furthers how excellent it must be.

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