Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Derek Rogers “Don’t Stop Bereaving” (Bridgetown Records)

                Derek Rogers is an interesting guy.  He makes experimental music that also tends to border on the electronic.    This tape is my first time hearing him, a collection of six songs (three per side), and I must admit that I am taken back by it a bit.

                In some ways, the ringing of the electric guitar reminds me of someone like Ted Leo.   My notes actually do specifically state “Psycho Ted Leo”.   But some songs get electro and seem to skip that Ted Leo beat.

                Whenever I see someone who has a first and last name for their musical moniker, I immediately think of one of three things:  singer/songwriter (ala EFS or Ted Leo), electronic producer guy (ala Giraffage or RAC) or experimental/instrumental really far out there type of music (This shouldn’t need examples)

                With Derek Rogers, I feel like you get a piece of each of those three in each of his songs.  It’s so wonderful. 


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