Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Laurel Halo "Chance of Rain"

            I’ve not really been a big fan of music on the electronic side of things.   This year, I listened to the new album by Mister Lies though and decided that not all of this electronic music is garbage.   To me though, a lot of it still has that fine line that it crosses between either being something that can be remixed or something you would put behind an existing song to remix it.

            Many of these musicians come out sounding to me like something that you just want to stick behind an existing song and call it a remix, as opposed to something that can stand on its own merits as an actual song.  

            I guess I also find it hard because if the music becomes complex enough to stand on its own, it seems like it falls into some genre like seapunk anyhow, so I don’t quite find myself in this whole beats and synth genre.

            Laurel Halo, however, makes some great songs that aren’t seapunk at all but rather do fall under the electronic category of beats and synth.   Yet, if they were to be placed behind an existing song it would just seem like too much is going on and thus these songs do stand on their own.

            So add Laurel Halo to the shortlist with Mister Lies, as I am slowly figuring out this genre of music.  

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