Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Hellogoodbye "Everything is Debatable" (Old Friends)

            I only ever voluntarily listened to Hellogoodbye when they put out their first EP and it was on Pure Volume.   Wow, Pure Volume.  Boy does that take me back, right?  

            While I liked that EP a lot, I recently learned at Saver’s that I didn’t like it enough to buy the hard copy for $2 (oh well), but still, I enjoyed the idea of it and after discovering this album coming out this year I went back and listened to it again on Spotify. 

            So in this, the Year of Music, I decided to give this third album by Hellogoodbye a listen.  Their first full length had a song on it that made it to the radio and thus I heard it before in Old Navy, but I didn’t hear a lot from the band since then.

            Some Spotify reading taught me that the only thing this band has in common with their roots that I liked back on that first EP is, umm… the singer guy.   He basically plays all the instruments now and is going for something more along the lines of Phoenix than Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn. 

            Essentially, I first liked this band back when they wanted me to go to prom with Jesse.  Now, some odd years later, Jesse isn’t even in the band anymore.  So while this was a nice trip down memory lane to some extent (listening to their EP again), I don’t see myself listening to anything by them again other than their EP in maybe another five or ten years if the mood should strike me.

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