Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Ed Kowalczyk "The Flood and the Mercy"

            Live is one of my all-time favorite bands.  They were the first headlining band that I ever saw in concert, as well as one of the bands that I have seen more times than any other band.   I don’t know or care why they broke up, but I am pretty sure that all of the other members did go off and form a new band together (Or so I seem to remember from the press release back when Ed Kowalczyk released his first solo album)

            The thing is that, to me, Live will always be Ed Kowalczyk much like Pearl Jam will always be Eddie Vedder, Stone Temple Pilots will always be Scott Weiland and Soundgarden will always be Chris Cornell.   You can strip him of his name, but the sound remains the same.

            So to see this as another Live album, which I do, it just makes me happy.  He doesn’t seem to repeat himself at all, but also doesn’t stray too far from what made me like Live to begin with.   And let’s face it; I would listen to Ed Kowalczyk sing nursery rhymes if he did so in his own style.

            Yes, 2013 really is the Year of Music, as another one of my old favorites releases a genuinely appealing and heartfelt album.  

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