Thursday, October 31, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Sleep Party People “We Were Drifting on a Sad Song”

            Recently I’ve been going through Spotify and listening to the related artists they give me just because I can.   I really do feel as if I should start a section every week or month just for this, but hey, for now I’ll just keep clicking and clicking until I explode from too much music.

            I looked back at my notes for this album and wondered what they were about.  I had a pop rock sound down at first, with it turning into that big distorted stadium sound.  I compared it with PolySpree and Sleigh Bells, though as I’m listening to it now I hear neither.

            I also put in some references to The Illegal Wiretaps and Beatles, but those are always so vague.

            So I guess, based on my notes, it’s not what I thought it was at first, but it does still maintain the qualities of being complex pop, which is how I will still describe it to you.   It’s very layered and unlike a lot of music you’ve heard before so you really do just need to listen to this one for yourself.

            And then, listen to it again and again, because it can be tricky.  

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