Thursday, October 31, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Protest the Hero "Volition"

            When I first heard the name Protest the Hero back in 2005, I never thought it would still be around today, some eight years later.   I was still fairly new to Houston at the time and listening to bands that either were on Ferret Style or at least sounded like they should be.

            At about the same time as I started getting burnt out on the music, Protest the Hero began making a name for themselves, carving their niche in this hardcore scene.   I’d see so many bands come and go, I am impressed by the longevity of this band.

            On what appears to be their fifth full length, Protest the Hero finds a sound that is hardcore but also has those vocals more like GNR than your typical hardcore band.  Oh, sure, they have some screaming and growling within their choruses or just whenever, but for the most part they don’t seem to be that type of hardcore band. 

            I pull out comparisons to AFI (back when they were hardcore) as well as Bullets and Octane, as they have that hardcore presence with more of a punk roots basis versus the typical metal sound but there is some metal in here as well.

            One band that this also really happens to remind me of is Fight Paris, who released their first and only album back in 2005.   Odd how these things seemingly come full circle all on their own, and yet who fates decides to keep around and who doesn’t last through the years.

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