Monday, October 21, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: La Luz "It's Alive" (Hardly Art)

            Some time earlier this year, I heard “Damp Face”, the debut EP from La Luz, and that put me into the whole spiral of finding out about this band, and just who Shana Cleveland is and all.   (She has another band, but this is supposed to be more of her surf rock type band)  I must admit though I was mostly excited because “Damp Face” was available as a cassette. 

            On their debut full length, La Luz maintains that garage/surf/Buddy Holly quality of rock n roll that would have you fall in love with them to begin with, but then they start to channel other elements of music as well.  Specifically, when some of these songs slow down I can begin to hear a band like Cowboy Junkies come out, who I feel like I’ve referenced enough this year that they should be making their comeback next year.  [Editor’s Note:  They beat you to the punch yet again.  Cowboy Junkies released a new album in 2012]
            Needless to say, I will now be looking to buy this album on cassette and I recommend you all do the same unless it means the cassette sells out, so do the same but just save me a copy. 

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