Monday, October 21, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: The Blow s/t (Kanine Records)

            After listening to this album, I was immediately moved to find out what else I could about this band who is not making their debut on this album.   In fact, this band debuted back in 2002 (How am I just finding them now??) and their most recent album was from back in 2006, so apparently they took some time off between their last album and this one.

            You also have to factor that the first five albums this band released were between 2002 and 2006, so it’s something like five albums in five years, then a span of seven empty years before this came out.  Wow.  I wonder what happened in those seven years.  Imagine if they continued at their rate of an album per year, this would be their tenth or eleventh album.   Crazy.

            The Blow combines beats and synth in what would be obvious to compare to Tegan and Sara though they aren’t really that similar.   The music is layered and needs to be listened to a few times over before you can fully appreciate it.   But as music should, I feel as if this is just going to get better with time.

            The lyrics are also a bit of fun, as in one song we are told she is coming to us from the future which doesn’t surprise me.  

            While this may serve as my only review for The Blow until their next new album, I wouldn’t mind going back and reviewing each of their prior five albums separately.  If nothing else, I will definitely be doing a lot of listening to them.  

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