Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Product Review] New Wallet, Kohl’s, $5.20

                I have never been a fan of traditional wallets.   When I was a young punk, I used to have a chain wallet.   Past this, I kid you not, I had a wallet with Stitch on it, which had a plastic clip that I used to keep it stuck to my pants or shorts (Like a chain wallet only not)

                Within the last few years, I picked up a new wallet of sorts which clipped onto your pocket and it was really more of a bill fold than anything else.   I wore this thing down to the point where I began to realize I was going to need something new.  

                I rarely go out seeking to buy something.   If I say I need a new wallet and go out to try and buy one, I usually end up with whatever is the best but also least expensive, so this can lead me to pay much more than I’d pay if I wait for a bargain. 

                Kohl’s has five dollar plush toys, of which the money goes to help other kids, and so we’d been going there a lot, picking up these five dollar items for my son.    I was going through the clearance there one day, just looking, and managed to find a wallet that I thought was all right.   It was originally $26 and had been marked down to about $9.  

                I liked the wallet, and it was what I needed in the sense of a somewhat normal wallet that I could have so I’d look more like an adult on some level.   I just didn’t like that it was a solid color.   I found one in a plaid color I really liked and expected to pay $9 for it, which down from $26 I gladly would have done.

                To my surprise, the wallet I fell in love with was actually marked all the way down to $5.   I realized this was because the $9 wallet was faux leather, so that’s where they were trying to get me in price.

                $5 for a wallet this snazzy?  Show me where to sign and I will.   This wallet will likely last me for at least another five years.  I might even hold onto this one until I’m 40, who knows.   Then I’ll probably go through a mid-life crisis and buy a Hello Kitty wallet for $300.  (But not really)
                Whenever I have pants or shorts that don’t have a back pocket with a button, I just take a bag with me and put my wallet in there so I no longer have to worry about losing it.   But yes, one day I was in a parking lot at age 17 or so and lost my wallet.   Ever since that day, I had worn a chain wallet or some variation, always wanting to keep my wallet secure. 

                This wallet does reassure me some security and for the price you simply cannot beat it.  

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