Monday, August 12, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Sarah Davachi “The Untuning of the Sky” (Full Spectrum Records)

                “The Untuning of the Sky” is a perfect example of how drone and ambient music can combine to form a sound that is not as terrible as it sounds on paper.   While it might appear as if this first song is twelve and a half minutes of the same note being held down on a keyboard, it is quite deeper than that.

                The rest of the songs are not nearly as long as the first, but they continue that drone quality that I can really only compare to the dialtone of a telephone, which seems long since forgotten because of land lines being replaced by cellular phones.

                On the fourth out of five songs, you can begin to hear some flute, but otherwise, this does not ever seem to stray too far from its original pattern.   So if you’re uncertain of drone and ambient music, listen to this, read into and just be mesmerized by it.  

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