Monday, August 12, 2013

CD REVIEW: Little Boots “Nocturnes”

            Upon first listening to Little Boots for the first time, I hear some of the normal characters come out.  The female vocals combined with beats that can verge on synth pop or something of the art rock nature, immediately bring to mind Ladytron.   Don’t feel too badly though because Ladytron seems to be coming out in everything these days.

            As “Nocturnes” progresses, I can really begin to hear the Polly Scattergood.  I might not feel as weird about this sounding like Polly Scattergood had she not released her sophomore album this year.   Granted, Little Boots may have released “Nocturnes” first (I’m not sure because I don’t bother with release dates as much, I just know this was released in 2013), but I also had the new Polly Scattergood album for months before it was released, so, you know.

            Really, with the thoughts of Ladytron and Polly Scattergood seeping through, I saw this as being a good listen but needed something to push it over the edge of greatness for me.   And finally, the third person brought out in this music for me was Madonna and that just set me over that edge.   If you honestly cannot enjoy the Madonna vibe on this album then I’m just afraid you cannot be helped musically.

            Little Boots does not rip off Ladytron, Polly Scattergood or Madonna, but rather combines the three enjoyable and known musical styles to create a style that now belongs to Little Boots.  I’m excited.

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