Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Landfork “Nights At The Kashmir Burlesk”

                Music has a funny way of working me.    Sometimes, when I hear the first song on an album it could totally hinder my view of the rest of the album, so much so that no other song or combination of songs- no matter how great- could bring me back to listen to it again.   
                And then there’s Landfork’s “Nights at the Kashmir Burlesk”.   The opening song is one that, well, he could be farting on a snare drum (to borrow a phrase) for the rest of the album and I wouldn’t care.   This song just kicks so much ass. 

                Yes, I’ve listened to this whole album through more than once and I like it.   But something about this first track just sticks with me.   It’s Bruce Springsteen singing the story of what a bad dude he is.   He’s the one that doesn’t talk in the punk scene.   And when you think you’ve been shocked enough by the song when he solemnly drops the f-bombs, he’ll tell he’s the guy his friends would call to beat their fathers up.


                I feel like if I gave this a bad review, this guy would make it a point to find me and kick my ass.  But really, I do like it, I swear.  

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