Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Object Object “Three Songs”

                I will be the first one to admit that I do not use Sound Cloud because I find Band Camp to be much easier and just an all around more enjoyable experience.   But this review is not a case of Band Camp vs. Sound Cloud, but rather a testament to the fact that I need to get on Sound Cloud more often than I currently do.  

                On the main page of Sound Cloud’s “explore”, you can listen to a playlist of songs based on genres, one of which is shoegaze.   Under this genre I found the band Object Object.   They have the sound of a shoegaze version of Fleetwood Mac.    I really was into it when I first heard it and immediately downloaded the three songs they had posted.

                Okay, let’s be realistic for a minute.   Before copying the link and deciding to write this particular review, I did search Band Camp for the band Object Object but the results turned up bands that were… not them.   So I just decided to do this off of Sound Cloud.

                Had I found Object Object on Band Camp, I probably would’ve been able to download all three songs in a zipped folder with cover art, instead of one by one through Sound Cloud, but you know, I just love the music so if I have to download it song by song then dammit I will.

                I may not visit Sound Cloud nearly as much as I do Band Camp, but because of Object Object I will begin visiting it a bit more. 

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