Sunday, August 4, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Ex Dealer “La era de la Incomunicacion”

                If you are not familiar with the band Ex Dealer, you must familiarize yourself with them.   Yes, this is another in a seemingly growing line of countless bands that I remember the name of yet I just cannot seem to place the musical style going into it.   I was going with post rock and I was sort of right.

                These songs are harmonious and they come off somewhere between the post rock and grunge eras of music.   They have vocals that are not in English, which also just further proves to me that music can break all language barriers.

                If I had to pinpoint this band and their sound to one specific song, it would have to be “Big Me” by Foo Fighters.   Though I’m not sure why I would have to do that, so just put this one and listen to the rock like you’ve never heard it before.  

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