Friday, July 5, 2013

SBSR: we set sail “Black Stamp EP”

<1> “Epilogue” – We begin with that ambient music and now an audio clip is coming on with it.   He said something about genocide and misery.  He might be talking about being vegan, but I’m not sure, I sort of space in and out when people who sound like Inside the Actors Studio talk.  And now we’re kicking in to some of these guitar chords I’m used to from the EP before this.   Can we say post rock?  Yeah, because that pretty much sums up this song.  It was like going up one big hill.

<2> “There’s no way I’m lifting an anchor with these arms” – This is kicking in a little bit heavier, kind of like Thursday almost.  And now it sounds like more audio clips.  Now someone is complaining about God.  Cosmic Gag Reel would be a great band name.   It sounds like Al Pacino.  #neversawtaxidriver And now vocals are coming in.  This almost has a Coheed sound to it for some reason.   And then it kicks into the chorus with the screaming that I heard on the other EP.  I bet this band would kill live.  Dikembe.  Ex-OTMOP.   Not Brand New, better.   And now at about the four minute mark, we appear to have fallen into the vortex.  Okay, we’re back now.  Dashboard is coming out in the “set fire to the sky” part.  I need to brush my teeth more.

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