Friday, July 12, 2013

CD REVIEW: Zorch “Zzoorrcchh”

                When I have listened to Zorch songs in the past, I’ve always remembered them as being experimental and instrumental.    This album however kicks off with words and a more electro thrash vibe than what I was expecting based on what I remember.
                If you took the premise of an 8bit band with vocals, let’s say Space Boyfriend for example, and paired it with the craziness of a rock band such as Zorch’s label mates ASIWYFA or Tera Melos, then this is what the end result would be.
                I like math rock.  I like experimental music.  I like 8bit aka chiptunes.  I like thrash.   But I’m not sure how well these sounds are working when combined.   It’s like when hardcore tried to get all electronic.   It worked sometimes and other times… not so much. 
                If this was done in the perfect sort of way, then I would rise up ala the first time I heard Scary Kids and declare this as being most excellent.   However, since this neither really impresses nor disappoints me it feels more like the first time I heard Enter Shakari, from an electronic hardcore stance.
                This might pick you up and carry you away to some distant place where you fall in love with it, but if it was one of those albums that passed by without my ever hearing it I wouldn’t really feel like I was missing anything. 

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